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About Anneleen Bru

Cat behaviour counsellor and lover of happy cats

Anneleen Bru is a behavioural therapist for cats and has been on a 

‘happy cats’ mission since 2008. Her calling is to give owners new insights and, above all, to inspire them to think critically about every step they take in the care for, contact with and management of their cats.

She believes that the days of the ‘funny’ cat movies are numbered, she is convinced that sayings like ‘it’s only a cat’ and the use of aversive punishment will soon be an absolute no-no. There is no doubt that some of it stems from ignorance, more of it from people’s love for cats, but that’s no longer an excuse. Those days are over. A loving cat owner is an informed cat owner. There is enough information available and this book is just one way of bringing that information to cat owners in an accessible and pleasant way.

Anneleen graduated from the University of Antwerp with a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences and then obtained a Master’s degree in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling at the University of Southampton (UK).

Since she set up her company Felinova she has launched one project after another, for example the Felinova Academy, the Poes Café conference, the Felinova Cat Coach® Diploma, a course that has produced 25 graduated coaches so far, the I love Happy Cats books, the Catfluencer® movement, the Happy Cats Community, the I love Happy Cats Revolution Training Centre and who knows what the future will bring?

In the autumn of 2019, she felt the time had come to focus on her online presence (podcasts, social media, online training) so that she could reach even more cat owners across the world in their own living room and inspire them to look at their cat in a different light. Together with the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals (VDG), which she is the chairman of, she wants to take a new path to further support, bring together and empower behavioural professionals working with pets.

My mission is to make cats happier every day

Anneleen Bru - MSc CABC, IAABC