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Hi, nice to see you!

Really! Because our Happy Cats Video Training is a really fun program that I know will teach you a lot about your cat's behaviour, your relationship and it will all get even better, I promise.

More than 1500 participants have already participated, and many of them are as enthusiastic as I am! So, thank you for giving me the opportunity to give you some more info about this training program.

On this page I'll give you all the info you need to decide if the Happy Cats Video Training is for you or not.

Love, Anneleen ♡

From stressful cat

to happy cat

The Happy Cats Video Training takes you through 50 clear and fun steps to give your kitties the wonderful life they deserve.

These 50 steps will help you to solve any unwanted behaviour or behavioural problem and will also help to make every happy cat even happier

Simple, easy, cheap and quick to implement in your home, your own behaviour and your life!

Laura Piquero

Student of the Happy Cats

Video Training

Testimonial of laura

"Anneleen was simply amazing, this course is full of alternatives, resources and understanding! I really appreciate all the extra outdoors information as my cat roams outdoors and it gave me that extra comfort in knowing how to make it extra safe.

I also really valued her posture against all forms of animal/cat cruelty and her encouragement towards the growth opportunity our cats present when we stop trying to tame them or tailor them to our expectations.

I believe that is surely the way to go for the future, where we leave the old world of "masters" and "pack leaders" behind and learn to promote safety while learning from our animal companions. Thank you for making this in English!!"

Do you recognise this?

You feel like your kitten doesn't understand you.

Your cat is exhibiting behavior you would rather not see.

You wonder if she is actually really happy?

You want to optimize your home and environment for your cats.

You don't feel like converting your entire house into a cat house.

You like scientifically substantiated information

in a practical and easy explanation

Happy Cats Video Training

one-way-ticket to a happy cat

  • 10 magical steps to a resilient and emotionally strong cat
  • 10 ways to make yourself irresistible to your cat
  • 10 ways to bring out the authentic hunter in your cat
  • 10 training techniques to make necessary handling fun again
  • 10 techniques to change unwanted behaviour
  • Teaching your cat to come inside & know her name
  • How to avoid stress and unwanted behaviour in your cats
  • Cat Wheel, a model with all causes, influences and motivations of cat behaviour
  • Cat Matrix®, a general therapy plan for any unwanted cat behaviour

Roberta Solovjov

Student of the Happy Cats

Video Training

Testimonial of ROBERTA

"I really enjoyed this course and learned SO MUCH from it! I have been around cats all my life, but I've always been more of a 'dog person'.

After this course, I have a deeper understanding of cats and what actually makes them happy and lovable creatures, and how to keep them happy and lovable! I wanted to take this course because I am becoming a Pet Sitter, and I am so happy I did. I recommend this course for all cat lovers and cat professionals!"

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Benefits of this training

  • Clear structure and structure based on the Cat Matrix®
  • You can get started right away with the information you get
  • You don't have to leave your house (and your cats) to follow this training
  • You save a lot of money with cheap (but cool) solutions
  • You can already see great results in the first week
  • Unwanted behaviour in your cat changes immediately
  • Your cats will get along better within 48 hours
  • You have more peace of mind in your mind and in your heart

What do other participants say?

Caroline Dedeyne
You should gift this video training to yourself! What a revelation! Very supplementary in combination with the books! Made very clear! The way of narrating is so nice! Not only does this make my cats happy, but so do we! Another advantage is that you have your roommates who really don't like to read a book, do like to watch the videos and that they believe Anneleen (more than me) 
Lynn De Hoon
This video training not only made my two sweet kittens (4 and 12 months) much happier, but also myself! :o) Miyu and Blue were already good friends before the Happy Cats online training and seemed pretty happy to me, but it's incredible to see how they are blossoming even more now! Miyu (the eldest) makes more contact with us (even) more on his own initiative, plays remarkably more and is completely over the moon with his new cat litter! :o) So you can also make cats that do not exhibit undesirable behavior so much happier and you will only notice that if you start working effectively!
Irmy Lopez

Super inspiring training! . In which Anneleen Bru presents the material in a very fascinating and informative way, with everything to make your cat(s, and in general the cat, happier. The fascinating and interesting videos, presented by Anneleen herself, make the theoretical material completely clear. the enthusiast cat owner, as for the professional it is a fine enrichment of information.

The Happy Cats e-book is also a good manageable book for me to apply, if necessary in case of any issues.

This online training is a must for every cat owner!

Practical info

  • 6 hours of teaching videos
  • Available in the Happy Cats mobile app
  • All lessons are immediately available
  • Lifetime availability
  • You can watch via your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Videos are subtitled & transcripted
  • Use of the Happy Cats e-book is recommended

Table of content

  • Influences and causes of behavior
  • Causes of unwanted behavior
  • Absolute basics for making your cat happy
  • Improving your relationship with your cats
  • Stimulating natural behaviour
  • Training & Management
  • Dealing with unwanted behaviour

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$ 99

Happy Cats Video Training

In this super fun online training via the I Love Happy Cats App, you will learn about your cat's behavior  with bite-sized and fun subtitled videos.

If you haven't subscribed for this ton of science based and fun info about your cat's behaviour? Then you really shouldn't miss this one, it's a must for every cat owner!

"Fantastic training, you are completely immersed in your cat's life." - Veerle D.

Your cat deserves the very best

Let's make them as happy as possible by understanding what they truly need