Happy Cats Video Training

The training on cat behaviour for every cat owner to make your cats happier than ever

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You can watch your Happy Cats Video Training in our 'I Love Happy Cats' mobile app that you can download in the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

You can also watch in it in your browser by logging into happycats.passion.io.

After checking out on Clickshare, you will receive two emails. One email from our mobile app platform 'Passion' with your login information. You will receive another email from Happy Cats with this practical information for you to keep safe.


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From stressful cat

to happy cat

The Happy Cats Video Training takes you through 50 clear and fun steps to give your kitties the wonderful life they deserve.

These 50 steps will help you to solve any unwanted behaviour or behavioural problem and will also help to make every happy cat even happier

Simple, easy, cheap and quick to implement in your home, your own behaviour and your life!