House soiling in cats

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Happy Cats E-book

This unique e-book (290p) reveals all the secrets to understanding and changing cat behaviour. Through a set of simple yet powerful step-by-step plans you learn all you need to know about resource optimisation, insight in the reasons and causes of cat behaviours, training, management and behaviour modification.

In this e-book, Anneleen collects all her knowledge as a cats behaviour therapist in a unique model, the Cat Matrix®, a 50-step plan that she developed to (re)balance the behaviour of your cat.

  • Cat Wheel: this model explains all reasons and causes for your cat's behaviour. Influences such as genetics, stress, levels of socialisation, preferences, learned behaviour will shine a whole new light on your cat's behaviour and you will never look at her in the same way ;) 
  • Cat Matrix┬«: Using this professional model, any unwanted behavior in cats can be tackled in a structured way.
  • Based on science-based information and +10y of experience.

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Cat Behaviour Problems E-book

Are you experiencing undesirable behaviour in your cats? Then this extra e-book is for you. We discuss all causes and solutions for:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction cat behaviour problems
  • Chapter 2: Inappropriate urination (house soiling)
  • Chapter 3: Urine marking/spraying
  • Chapter 4: Agression and tension between cats
  • Chapter 5: Agression towards the owner
  • Chapter 6: Inappropriate scratching
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Happy Cats Video Training

In this super fun online training via the I Love Happy Cats App, you will learn about your cat's behavior  with bite-sized and fun subtitled videos.

If you haven't subscribed for this ton of science based and fun info about your cat's behaviour? Then you really shouldn't miss this one, it's a must for every cat owner!

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