Terms & Conditions

1. General

By visiting our website you agree to the standard terms and conditions and the privacy statement of Felinova.


2. Company identity

Felinova Comm. V

Watermolenstraat 53

9150 Kruibeke


+32 486 17 80 98


VAT BE0651953727


3. Scope

3.1 In all forms of cooperation, the customer accepts that these general terms and conditions exclusively regulate the agreement between the parties and undertakes to comply with them.

These conditions take absolute precedence over the general and special conditions of the customer (if available), even if the latter stipulates the opposite.

3.2 These general terms and conditions for working with Felinova are available via the website www.happycats.be/terms.

3.3 Felinova/Happy Cats enters into a service commitment with the customer, not a result commitment. This means that Felinova will do everything in its power to provide as clear and competent advice as possible, but a specific result can never be intended or guaranteed, as the totality of an advice depends on many different and additional factors.

4. Register & cancel for an online training at Felinova

4.1 You can register for a Happy Cats Online training via www.happycats.com. Payment for your training is also made directly via the website.

4.2 After your payment you will receive a confirmation email of your order, as well as the practical guidelines to access the online learning environment via the I Love Happy Cats mobile app.

4.3 It is not possible to cancel a registration for an online course. There is no right to a refund.

4.4 Following a Felinova/Happy Cats training does not entitle you to any form of free or additional guidance afterwards.


5. Order a product in the Felinova Webshop

5.1 You can order a physical product via shop.felinova.be. This online store is intended for Felinova customers to order (additional) products to support their behavioral therapy.

5.2 None of these products is intended to replace personal advice from a professional, such as your veterinarian or cat behaviorist. Always consult your veterinarian and/or behavioral therapist when offering or administering these products.

5.3 Felinova can under no circumstances be held responsible for any kind of unpleasant outcome when using the products or books sold.

5.4 Felinova can never promise results when using our products or books, as results depend on many different aspects. It is not possible to offer a 'not satisfied, money back'-policy.

5.5 If a product shows an error upon arrival, it will be replaced, provided it is returned to Felinova within 14 calendar days with a clear description. This way we can provide you with a suitable solution and replacement as soon as possible.

5.6 It is important to offer products in the right way. Products broken during use are not our responsibility and will not be replaced or refunded in any way.

6. Safety & Responsibility

6.1 Felinova can never be held liable for any negative, undesirable or harmful consequences of the advice given during any form of paid or unpaid consulting (training/behavioural therapy/online webinar/lecture). The customer always remains ultimately responsible for whether or not the advice is implemented.

Felinova does promise that all advice given is based on scientific research and/or expert experience, animal-friendly techniques and theories.

6.2 The customer takes note of the fact that Felinova is not responsible for damage (both material and physical) caused by accidents before, during or after a house visit/online session/Felinova training/guest lecture.

6.3 Felinova is not liable for any damage or loss that may be caused to customer property during the training. Participants must take care of their belongings at all times.


7. Complaints

7.1 If the customer is not satisfied or has a complaint about an act or transaction with or by Felinova, he or she must report this in writing (by email or by post) within 30 days after the occurrence of the facts. The complaint must be thoroughly substantiated.

7.2 Complaints about the standard terms and conditions will be considered, but it is not possible to respond to them. The customer must read it before agreeing to it. If the customer agreed to the standard terms and conditions but did not (fully) read them, and this resulted in the complaint being made, is beyond our control and Felinova is not further responsible. Our conditions have been drawn up for a good cooperation and this starts with an honest acceptance.

8. Privacy & Copyright

8.1 The customer's details are included in the CRM system of Felinova Comm. V for commercial – administrative purposes and will not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances. In accordance with the Privacy Act of 8 December 1992 for the protection of privacy, the customer has the right to inspect and improve the data held about them.

8.2 The customer expressly acknowledges that the information and data provided are and remain intellectual & industrial property of Felinova Animal Behavior Consulting. The texts, images and other items in the course material are protected by copyright. The participant is not entitled in any way whatsoever to hand over logos, graphics, representations and all forms of course material to third parties or to use them for personal or commercial purposes.