Our Happy Cats books

We have so much to tell you, so we wrote everything down what we think cat owner ought to know about their cat's behaviour 


How to create an amazing relationship with your cat

The purpose of this e-book is to make you, as an owner,

predictable, lovely and safe in your cat’s eyes so that she pays more

attention to you, seeks more contact, is less stressed by contact and

so that you have less of an impact on your cat’s ‘threshold of arousal’.

  • How to impact your cat's behaviour by changing your own behaviour
  • How to deal with stressed behaviour and encourage your cats to be more relaxed
  • How to create a stond bond with your cat
$ 27

Happy Cats E-book

This unique e-book (290p) reveals all the secrets to understanding and changing cat behaviour. Through a set of simple yet powerful step-by-step plans you learn all you need to know about resource optimisation, insight in the reasons and causes of cat behaviours, training, management and behaviour modification.

In this e-book, Anneleen collects all her knowledge as a cats behaviour therapist in a unique model, the Cat Matrix®, a 50-step plan that she developed to (re)balance the behaviour of your cat.

  • Cat Wheel: this model explains all reasons and causes for your cat's behaviour. Influences such as genetics, stress, levels of socialisation, preferences, learned behaviour will shine a whole new light on your cat's behaviour and you will never look at her in the same way ;) 
  • Cat Matrix®: Using this professional model, any unwanted behavior in cats can be tackled in a structured way.
  • Based on science-based information and +10y of experience.

$ 13

Cat Behaviour Problems E-book

Are you experiencing undesirable behaviour in your cats? Then this extra e-book is for you. We discuss all causes and solutions for:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction cat behaviour problems
  • Chapter 2: Inappropriate urination (house soiling)
  • Chapter 3: Urine marking/spraying
  • Chapter 4: Agression and tension between cats
  • Chapter 5: Agression towards the owner
  • Chapter 6: Inappropriate scratching
$ 24,99

Happy Cats Guide for a Happy Cats

People have been under the spell of the mysterious and elegant nature of the cat for thousands of years. They are one of our oldest animal companions and have been much-loved family members in households around the globe for generations. But have you ever felt that despite your good intentions and love, there are some things about your cat you don't quite understand? Do you sometimes feel like it might be trying to tell you something? That you could make them even happier than they already are?

This book will change everything you once thought you knew about cats. You can use its many tips and insights to optimize your relationship with your cat. In this book, you will be taken on an intimate journey through the world of the domestic cat, covering all their natural instincts and mysterious behaviors. The tips and tricks are the outcome of hundreds of behavioral consultations. Your relationship with your cat will never be the same.

This book was published in 2017, is released in 14 countries, 7 languages and has been sold over 30.000 times.