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MSc in Communication Science

MSc Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling

IAABC Certified Cat Counsellor

VDG Accredited cat behaviourist

Lover of Happy Cats

Anneleen is dedicated to making cats happier.

Cat behaviourist

Since 2008, Anneleen has been working every day to make cats happy. She does this by helping cat lovers and cat professionals to better understand cat behaviour.

Flemish Association for Animal Behaviour Professionals

Anneleen is co-founder and past president of the Association for Animal Behaviour Professionals. This association brings together highly qualified animal trainers, behavioural therapists and behavioural vets to provide you with qualified help.

Author of the Happy Cats books

Books are the best, fastest, and most affordable way to provide cat owners with a wealth of information. This is why Anneleen has written seven books to help owners better understand their cats and highlight happy cat behaviour.

A dedicated and passionate public speaker

In addition to her love for cats, Anneleen is also passionate about everything related to communication, behaviour, business, and relationships. She has spoken at numerous conferences both domestically and internationally and continues to further her education.

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