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Unlimited access to online training sessions

Learning through our mobile Happy Cats app

6-hour basic program + monthly advanced sessions

Science based + pragmatic approach

Hi dear cat professional,

Is it your goal in your business to help cats? Do you feel you'd like to know more about cat behaviour in order to help your clients better?

Then you've come to the right place!

My mission is to make cats happier, and boosting other cat professionals is an essential step toward that goal!

Since 2013, I have been guiding and training professionals who work with cats and feel the need to expand their knowledge of cat behavior. Often, they missed this topic in their education and now see cats becoming more popular, leading to more questions from owners.

As a cat professional, you are often on the front line, receiving questions like, "Why does my cat do that?" or "She has never done this before," or "How do I stop her from doing that?"

The Happy Cats Academy PRO Subscription for cat professionals is your answer.

It is a unique collection of online training on cat behavior and well-being, neatly available in our mobile Felinova App. You can use it permanently and at your own pace, whenever and wherever you need it.

I wish you incredible success, growth in your business, happy customers, and happy cats, and I hope I can help you achieve that!

Best, Anneleen ♡

Transform Your Hobby into a Successful Cat Business

The Happy Cat Coach Program is our ultimate training for professionals. This program offers you the fantastic opportunity to help your clients with their cats while boosting your own business or organization, enhancing customer satisfaction, providing better service, and increasing revenue. Do you want to enjoy greater fulfillment in your job? Let's go!

The Happy Cat Coach program is designed for both existing cat professionals, practices and businesses, as well as aspiring cat professionals eager to start with a bang.

Do You Recognize these challenges?

  • I feel a calling to help cats.
  • I aspire to make working with cats my profession.
  • I aim to assist cats and their owners with understanding cat behaviour.
  • I seek to feel confident and take pleasure in helping my clients, fostering trust in my services.
  • I desire to attract more high-quality clients, enhance the financial health of my business, gain clear insights into my finances, and grow my revenue and profit.
Your mission & purpose

To provide clients insight into your brand, pair words with any image to introduce a new campaign.

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To provide clients insight into your brand, pair words with any image to introduce a new campaign.

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To provide clients insight into your brand, pair words with any image to introduce a new campaign.

What Will You Find in the Happy Cat Coach Program?

This online lesson program is for all (future) professionals who want to refine and optimize their knowledge about cats. It provides affordable monthly coaching and access to an extensive and growing professional library of knowledge, tools, and resources, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Online library of online cat courses

You'll have access to your own Catflix, offering a wealth of online training sessions & coachings on cat behaviour, well-being, and health, expanding every month.

New monthly online training

Every month, we host a new online session tailored for our Happy Cat Coaches, focusing on either cat behaviour, welfare or business strategies.

Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of feline behaviour or enhance your business skills, these sessions are designed to support your professional growth.

Monthly Live Coaching

Every month, you will be able to ask your questions during a live Q&A on Zoom. Whether you have a question about cat behaviour, the programme, working with the Cat Matrix, cases in your practices, your clients, any business situation you have, your offer, your price setting, etc., this is the moment to get your personal advice.

Happy Cats Community

In our private Happy Cat Coach Community, you will gain exclusive access to a private support group where you can ask all your questions, cases, and challenges. Here, we provide you with answers and tips to help you navigate any challenges you may encounter.

Cat Wheel

The Cat Wheel is a structured graphic representation of all the reasons why a cat does what she does so as to help you to get to the bottom of undesirable behaviour and help you understand why one cat behaves differently than another.

Everything we discuss in the Cat Wheel forms the basis of the Cat Matrix®, the model to (re)balance feline behaviour, which we will discuss later on in this training course.

The Cat Matrix® sets out the steps you have to take. The ‘why’ is very important here. Knowing what you have to do is one thing, but knowing why you need to do it makes it easier, clearer and you will find it less of a problem to stick with it.

The Cats Wheel numbers two chapters, ‘Cats as a species’, in which we look at influences and causes of behaviour that are specific to cats as a species. Why does a cat do this, and is this different from other species?

In the chapter ‘Cats as individuals’ we discuss influences, causes and preferences that can be reduced to the individual level. Why does this cat behave differently than your previous cat or your neighbour’s cat?

The Cat Matrix
Undesirable Cat Behaviour

Happy Cat Coach Dates 2024


Happy Cats Principles & Values - July 18th 2024

Starting to work with the Cat Matrix with your clients to change behaviour - Aug 6th 2024

Reasons & Solutions for house soiling in cats - Aug 27th 2024

Dealing with clients who are resistant to your advice - September 2024

Multicathouseholds: from fight to friend - October 2024

Cat Marketing - November 2024

Clickertraining with cats - December 2024

We try to reach everyone throughout the world, so times are always: 
6am PDT - Los Angeles, USA (UTC -7)
9am EDT - New York, USA (UTC -4)
3pm CEST - Brussels, BE (UTC +2)
5pm GST - Dubai UAE (UTC +4)
11pm AEST - Sydney, AUS (UTC+10)

What are the benefits of this program?

Reach and Help More Cats

Thanks to the depth of this professional training program, its incredible value, and the wide range of topics, we aim to reach and help as many cat owners and cats as possible through our dedicated members, making cats happier and improving unwanted behaviour around the globe, strengthening relationships and keeping cats out of shelters!

Boost your business

Improving and increasing your theoritical and knowledge is great for helping clients and their cats, but it will also boost your business.

You can grow your offer of services to customers, differentiate in the way you help cat guardians and increase your revenue while helping more cats while boosting your business.

Never Miss a Replay Again

Replays were previously available for a limited time, but now you can access them indefinitely, ensuring you never miss any content.

Convenient and Comprehensive

By consolidating all our knowledge into one learning platform, we make it clearer, easier, and more efficient to use. You have everything you need in one place.

Together, We Strive for Happier Cats

Through our member community, we can organize new trainings and sessions, continuously enhancing the subscription.

Ready to take your career as a cat professional to the next level?


How do I access my subscription?

You can access our services through the Happy Cats mobile app, available for download in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

You can also log in via your computer at

After subscribing to the program, you will receive an email from, our app platform with your login and password.

Are there new trainings being added?

Yes, several new training sessions are added each year, covering a wide range of topics. You will have access to replays of online sessions, as well as online trainings led by Anneleen herself and guest speakers.

Can I cancel my subscription?

As payments for your Happy Cats Coach program are per quarter (3 months), which we truely believe will benefit your professional growth, you can cancel your subscription at any time, at the end of your quarterly payment.

When you cancel your subscription, you will loose access to your online trainings in your Happy Cats mobile app. You are ofcourse welcome to always subscribe again, this will be at the current rate, as subscription prices for the program will go up in the future.

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