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Welcome to the world of Happy Cats!

My name is Anneleen Bru and I'm a cat behaviour counsellor. It is my mission to make cats happy! 

And as easy as that sounds, we do need some science-based info for that, combined with practical and hands-on tips and tricks to create a perfect harmony between cat and caregiver.

It is not only my mission to help cats, but also cat owners and cat professionals to understand cat behaviour and give them tools to prevent, change and modify (undesirable) cat behaviour.

Thank you for your trust and I'd love to tell you how I can help!

Love, Anneleen

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Want to understand what your cat is telling you?

Understanding the unique behaviours your cat is showing you is the key to a happy cat!

Every cat is different from any other cat. Although they share the same genetic background, each cat has their own socialisation, social tendencies, resilience, sensitivity to change and stress, preferences, learned behaviours etc. 

Understanding all these different behaviours cats can show us, is truly the key to making your cats happier. Once you understand, you'll know how to react, change things around the house and how to manage and modify it.

Want to strengthen the relationship with your cats?

We as guardians have an immense impact on our cat's stress levels

Whether you like it or not, we have big influence on our cat's behaviour. Understanding how cat's show affection to us and adapting to their way of communicating not only creates a stronger bond, it is also an important step in reducing stress and inpredictability around the house.

You want your cats to live in harmony?

Multi-cat households are a true challenge! Peaceful relationships between cats are very important for their welfare

Multi-cat households are a true challenge for cat owners. Cats are solitary hunters, and have roamed free and single on the North-African Savannes for centuries. This means that supporting (unrelated) cats inside one household is an absolute necessity. 

Download your free e-book 'How to create an amazing relationship with your cat

How can you as a cat guardian make a huge impact on your cat's behaviour and sense of safety by adapting a few little aspects of your own behaviour. Your cat is going to adore you!

Is your cat showing undesirable behaviour?

We totally understand how you feel, let us help, please!

Cats show stress in many different forms. Some cats start spraying or peeing outside of the litter tray, other cats show aggressive behaviour towards other cats (redirected aggression) or towards their owner. 

As a behaviourist, I've learned throughout the years that, despite a different cause of stress, many ways of showing and dealing with it is for many cats the same. 

Because all cats have the same needs (predictability, safety, abundance, choice, control), I was able to create a general behaviour model for every cat guardian to follow and balance out their cat's behaviour, called the Cat Matrix.

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You are not alone, let us help!

First aid for cat behaviour issues

Do you experience unwanted behaviour such as house soiling, spraying, aggression between cats, aggression towards you, unwanted scratching, stress during the vet visit, etc?

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